Most popular solitaire versions

The Solitaire game is one of the best classic game ever invented using a deck of cards. Because of its popularity, there were a lot of modifications and ultimately versions of the game that was created. These games have also developed into the most popular card games of all time. in fact, all of us at some point in our lives have played the versions of the solitaire game and we have to admit that we enjoyed some of the time that we spend playing it.

The versions of the solitaire game are still available to us today and here are the most popular versions which we can play online.

  1. Klondike – the best known version of solitaire. This is a stock game of most operating system in a computer. This is the one that we first fall in love with and spend hours of frustration in trying to win a single game. Bear in mind that the Klondike game is very winnable; it only needs a simple strategy.
  2. FreeCell – this is the most skill dependent version of the game but it offers so much fun. It challenges the player’s mental abilities and strategic skills in any areas of the game. According to some people, the FreeCell game is the most interesting version among all others.
  3. Pyramid – features a pyramid tableau. You need techniques and a large amount of luck to win this game. It is considered to be the most difficult of all versions of the solitaire game and only a few individuals have dwell so much on this game. Cards in the pyramid solitaire are eliminated in pairs plus, you can only remove the card when they’re already visible.
  4. Spider – another popular version of the game the spider solitaire is complexly challenging for any player to begin with. Although it can be played with one suit of card, the way that the cards are being dealt are quite different with the rest of the version. Sequencing is another issue as the stock randomly produces cards that would make the whole game a lot difficult.

These are the best versions that are still popular even today. These games are available in both online and real life gaming. Knowing the rules and the techniques that governs these games will make the game more fun and exciting for anybody.

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