The uniqueness of spider solitaire

Of all the solitaire game, the spider solitaire is perhaps the most unique and poses as the most difficult version in the series of the solitaire games. Although the game uses a simple deck of cards, it can still be very difficult to play especially when the player is not really familiar what the game is and how the game runs. We all know that the goal of the game is to clear all the cards from the table but how can a player do that when he does not understand why he should do it and how to do it.

Overall, players really do know how to play the game and winning a game of spider solitaire is not that hard for them and other things simply don’t matter even if it is related to the game that the player is playing. However, for those individuals who are fan of the game, it is quite good if you do have a greater knowledge of the difference of the spider solitaire among the other versions of the solitaire.

Here are the specific differences of the spider solitaire game among others.

  • Suits – spider solitaire uses not all for suits. Players will be able to choose a difficulty level which involves a number of suits to be used in the game. The easy level uses only one suit, the medium requires two suits and the hard level features three kinds of suits. Once the player is able to beat the easy level, then he will move up one level higher and so on.
  • Cards sequencing – players do need to arrange the cards in descending fashion, in proper numerical order. All cards or columns of cards can only be completed if the all contain all the cards from the king down to the ace card.
  • Stock – these are the remaining cards after the rest of the cards are set for the spider solitaire. Players can always access this set of cards anytime during the game but the best way to use the stock is when there are no more movable cards on the tableau.
  • Degree of difficulty – considered to be the most difficult among all the versions of the solitaire game, the spider solitaire has three different degrees of difficulty. Even expert players only win half the games that they played.

These are the major difference that the spider solitaire has over the other versions of solitaire.

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